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DigitalX X-S8 Rectangular Single TV Sound Bar

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DigitalX X-S8 Rectangular Single TV Sound Bar

  • Wonderful Design
  • Compatible with any TV
  • Wire and Wireless connection.
  • Upgraded Sound Technology
  • 3D sound effects

Digital X has brought another amazing sound bar in the market, DIGITAL X X-S8 SINGLE SOUND BAR SPEAKER with Bluetooth, upgraded sound technology, deep bass with  a powerful woofer and so many more. DIGITAL X X-S8 SINGLE SOUND BAR will make the dreamy sound system for your TV you always wanted. This rectangular sound bar fits perfectly with your TV, fills your room with satisfying sound all over room without taking extra space from your living room.

Design and Connections

DIGITAL X X-S8 SINGLE SOUND BAR is quite famous for its awesome rectangular bar design and perfection. The beautifully crafted sound bar is one of the slimmest sound bar available in market. Gorgeous black color brings wonderful artistic appearance in your living room and easily fits with any colored surroundings. It’s designed in the way that will allow you to keep the sound bar anywhere you want, in front the TV or in the back. You can also keep the bar under your TV.

DIGITAL X designed this single sound bar with wooden cabinet. In the history of sound system, wooden cabinet is the best for delivering mind-blowing sound and DIGITAL X never disappoints it’s users.  Wooden cabinet will give you the satisfaction to have both wonderful look and never imagined sound system for TV.

DIGITAL X X-S8 SINGLE SOUND BAR comes with a reasonable tall and high measurement. About a meter long bar looks amazing in front of your TV. The sound bar will fit with almost every TV. DIGITAL X X-S8 SINGLE SOUND BAR offers both wire and wireless connection to your TV. You can easily connect it via 3.5mm jack cable with your TV or other device or you can simply connect it via Bluetooth. No installation needed, plug and play solution for TV.

Sound and Bass

Digital X sound systems, sound was always wonderful and You hopefully are aware of that. But DIGITAL X X-S8 SINGLE SOUND BAR has pushed the sound system a bit further with advanced technology and sound system without any noise and distraction. The 4” sub-woofer delivers very deep bass to feel of a 5.1 Sound system. The wonderful woofer is wonderful enough to make your living room a mini theatre with much more alike Dolby Atmost sound system.  The 3” speakers located at the both end will allow the listener to feel all the 3D sound effects and dialogues perfectly clear for central and corner positions.

A 6W high performing speaker integrated with DIGITAL X X-S8 SINGLE SOUND BAR with a frequency response for 40Hz and up to 20KHz gives you the ultimate sound system you always wanted for Your TV, PC or game console.


DIGITAL X X-S8 SINGLE SOUND BAR is one of the most accomplished sound bar available in the market right now with the lowest possible price for awesome sound quality.  It sounds equally at home and in larger living spaces. If you’re searching for a reasonable priced TV bar for your living room, don’t forget to check DIGITAL X X-S8 SINGLE SOUND BAR before buying anything else.




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