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F&D T400X Wooden 2.1 Multimedia Bluetooth Tower Speakers

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F&D T400X Wooden 2.1 Multimedia Bluetooth Tower Speakers


Immerse yourself in to the mesmerizing realism of the floor standing F&D T-400X speakers. These speakers will provide you a realistic experience while watching a movie or a sports match. The room filling audio will surely add a better level of entertainment as these speakers deliver stereo sound for all kind of music.


The sophisticated design and the nice wooden cabinet will add glamour to your home decor. It is a notion that wooden cabinet offers better sound quality. Thus, F&D decidedly developed the floor standing speakers with the inclusion of wood. Also, wooden finish gives a classy look to the overall design.

The slim satellite design of the speakers is highly attractive and is sure to suit your flat TV panel. Also, due to its clever shape it will fit in any compact space. It does not occupy too much of space.

The information display panel is well designed with a bright LED display. This panel has the feature of wide viewing angle. So, that you can watch and read the information clearly from all the angles without the loss of colour.


If you like loud music, you are going to love the F&D speakers. These speakers provide crystal clear sound. Experience and feel every beat of the music. Do not miss out the thumping heart bass audio effect which is sure to give you an amazing experience of watching your show or music video.

It is basically a Bluetooth enabled device, which aims at serving you better with a nice 4.0 version and supporting NFC function. It is powered by Cambridge Silicon Radio, which is commonly known as CSR with a Bluetooth v4.0 power.

Play your stored content with the option of plug & play in F&D T-400X. You simply need to plug your USB/ SD card reader and play the same for unlimited fun and entertainment. The card reader supports the MP3/WMA dual formats decoding for an uninterrupted enjoyment.

The digital PLL technology offers uninterrupted FM experience for the listener. It gives smooth audio with no unnecessary noise. The advantage of having this smart speaker system at home is that it can save up to a maximum of 100 FM stations. Enjoy listening to random music with the amazing F&D speakers.

Sing along with your favourite singer with the karaoke function. Enjoy hours of fun and entertainment while listening and singing with your friends and family. It has a dual microphone inputs so that you can sing along with a partner. It is all your choice if you want to sing solo or duet.

Along with this floor standing speaker, you also get a full function remote controller to control the actions. Adjust volume, play, pause, stop, Power button, source selection etc. can be easily done by this remote controller. It is slim and smart remote controller.

Striking Finish With Wooden Cabinet

It has been said that the wooden cabinet are good at producing better sound quality. Thus, F&D T-400X has been developed with a wooden main unit cabinet. Not just the sound output but the wooden cabinet offers great looks as well. It portrays an outstanding wooden look to compliment your home decor.

Crystal Clear Sound With Thumping-heart Bass

The F&D T-400X is a floor standing speaker system which produces highly clear audio. It will take you on a ride with its smooth, engaging and clear sound quality. Experience every beat of the music with the thumping heart bass.

Slim Satellite Design

The F&D T-400X speaker system has a slim satellite design which is sure to compliment your home decor with its sleek looks. It fits in very easily to any compact area. Also, it does not occupy a lot of place at your home.

Bluetooth Version 4.0 And Supporting NFC Function

F&D T-400X has a Bluetooth Version 4.0 to serve you with better options of playback. It is powered by Cambridge Silicon Radio chipset, which is commonly known as CSR. Also, it has an NFC function for greater connectivity.

Bright LED Display With Wide Viewing Angle

F&D T-400X floor standing speaker has an LED display with the feature of wide viewing angle. The LED display is an indicator which shows the information when the speaker is on. It has been developed with a wide viewing angle so that you do not witness loss of colour if from a different viewing angle.

Plug And Play USB/SD Card Reader

Play media from the USB or SD card reader without a hitch on your F&D T-400X. The floor standing speakers can play stored media from your USB or SD card. It gives you unlimited entertainment. The card reader supports MP3 or WMA dual formats decoding to play your preferred song.

Digital PLL Technology For Uninterrupted FM Experience

Store up to 100 FM stations in your F&D T-400X and experience uninterrupted FM with the help of digital PLL technology. Play random stations and enjoy a night full of non-stop music.

Karaoke function enjoying home entertainment

It does not matter if you are trained singer or a bathroom singer. What matters is the fun that you have while singing. What could be better than singing on a mic? Play your favourite song and sing along with the karaoke. It is fun, entertainment and endless happiness. To make it more interesting, F&D T-400X has been developed with dual microphone inputs. This gives you the option to sing solo or with a partner.

Full function remote control Powerful and Influential Remote Controller

F&D T-400X Sound Base has a remote controller which is sleek & smart in looks. It does not have any unnecessary buttons apart from the special and relevant buttons such as Power on or off, Source selection, Bluetooth, Bass Level Controls (plus or minus), Play/pause, Previous & next buttons.




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