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Rapoo VPRO - V100C Wired Backlight Gaming Keyboard

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Rapoo VPRO - V100C Wired Backlight Gaming Keyboard


Spill-resistant keyboard design. No more worries about a defect keyboard as a result of accidental spills
Built-in Flash memory can save the keyboard configuration file in the game mode. You can play the way you want it, on any computer without the help of any software. You can update the firmware program in the driver to optimize your keyboard
Professional gaming optical engine, with 6400 FPS image processing speed, 60 inches / s tracking speed and up to 1000 times / s USB polling rate, ensuring accurate tracking, anytime.

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Powered by the most advanced mobile processors from the new Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro is over 50% faster than the original Core Duo MacBook Pro and now supports up to 4GB.

Rapoo VPRO - V100C Wired Backlight Gaming Keyboard

Anti-ghosting capacity in gaming mode

19 conflict-free keys allow you to press up to six keys simultaneously without any signal failure in gaming mode. As a result, multiple commands can be entered at any time.

Adjustable back-light for all keys

Colorful back-lights with adjustable brightness, breathing mode and seven color time mode make your keyboard more fashionable and cool.

Colorful breathing light

The breathing light with cyclical changes in seven colors, making your fighting weapon cooler.

Ergonomic right-handed design

Designed for right-handed users, with up to seven buttons, extremely comfortable grip for the perfect game control.

Spill-resistant design

Spill-resistant keyboard design, so you do not have to worry about the keyboard malfunctioning after accidental spills.

Changeable position of arrow Keys

No driver. Fn and W keys allow you to exchange the position between four letter keys (A, W, S and D keys) and arrow keys, ensuring easy and fast operation.

Customizable real-time resolution adjustment

Four-mode, adjustable DPI (1000/1600/2400/3200), ensuring accurate tracking, anytime anywhere. You can switch between DPI values with just one press of the button.

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