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Walton WFE-3C3-GDXX-XX Direct Cool Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh |

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Walton WFE-3C3-GDXX-XX Direct Cool Refrigerator


Walton WFE-3C3-GDXX-XX Direct Cool Refrigerator

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Walton WFE-3C3-GDXX-XX Direct Cool Refrigerator

- Type: Direct Cool
   - Door: Glass Door
   - Gross Volume: 333 Ltr
   - Net Volume: 293 Ltr
   - Refrigerant: R600a

   - No need to use Voltage Stabilizer

More Information
Cooling Features :
Type Direct Cool
Capacity :
Gross Volume 333 Ltr
Net Volume 293 Ltr.
Performance :
Climatic Type (SN, N, ST, T) ST
Rated Voltage/ Hz 220- 240/ 50
Compressor Input Power (Watt) V 0101- 118
V 0201- 118
Compressor Type V 0101- RSCR
V 0201- RSCR
Cooling Efect Freezer Cabinet Less than -18 ̊C
Refrigerator Cabinet 0 ̊C to +5 ̊C
General Features :
Temperature Control (Electronic/ Mechanical) Mechanical
Defrosting (Automatic/ Manual) Manual
Reversible Door No
Handle (Recessed/ Grip) Recessed
Lock Yes
Refrigerant V 0101- R600a
V 0201- R600a
Condenser V 0101- Copper
V 0201- Copper
Thermostat RoHS Certified
Capillary V 0101- Copper
V 0201- Copper
Polyurethane foam blowing agent Cyclopentene [Eco-friendly (100% CFC & HCFC Free) Green Technology]
Refrigerator Compartment :
Shelf (Material/ No.) Wire/2
Door Basket Yes/4
Interior Lamp Yes
Vegetable Crisper Yes/1
Vegetable Crisper Cover Yes/1
Egg Tray or Pocket Yes
Can Storage Dispenser No
Freezer Compartment :
Shelf (Material/No.) Rack Evaporator
Drawer No
Ice Tray Yes/1
Ice Case Yes/1
Ice Remover spoon Yes/1
Door Basket No
Interior Lamp No
Dimensions (Net) :
Width/mm 594
Depth/mm 708
Height/mm 1746
Packing :
Width/mm 625
Depth/mm 745
Height/mm 1776
Weight/Kg - Net/Packing: 74 / 80 ± 2 Kg
Loading Capacity- 40HQ/ 40Ft/ 20Ft 76/ 57/ 27
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