XP PEN Star 03 Black Graphics Pen Tablet

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Star 03 Black-MM

XP PEN Star 03 Black Graphics Pen Tablet


Advanced Battery-free Stylus, more comfortable; does not require charging and highlights your honorable environmental awareness; 10×6 ” working area, all these make you feel as if you are drawing with a real pen on a real paper.

2048-level pen pressure sensitivity allows you to create variations in line width of opacity; suitable for both right-and-left hand usage; One-click toggle function between pen/eraser improves your painting efficiency.

8 customizable shortcuts (functions: brush enhance/weaken, zoom-in/out, cancel, hand tool, brush tool, erase) which could also be used as hot keys as well as to open programs or website.

XP Pen Star 03 Black Graphics Pen Tablet :XP-Pen Star 03 Drawing Tablet is the most popular and versatile choices among creative professionals. With 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity within the Pen tip and Eraser, you may vary the pressure and tilt of the pen against the tablet and create variations in line width of opacity, which makes you feel as if you is drawing with a real pen. The Pen barrel button allows you to switch the function between Pen and Eraser instantly and improves your drawing efficiency significantly.
Versatile Size of Active Area :The seamless 12 inch surface area is designed with an ideal radius angle of view and operation. The display surface area is surrounded by an inactive border. With the 10 * 6 inch active area on the tablet, XP-Pen Star 03 gives you a thinner but smarter, more sensitive platform where you can show your creativity and talent on.

More Information
  • Product  type : Graphics Tablet
  • Active area : 260*170mm
  • Product weight : 520g
  • Color Selection : Black,White
  • Resolution : 5080 LPI (Line per inch)
  • Report Rate : 230 RPS (Revolutions Per Second)
  • Accuracy : +0.01 Inch
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