XP PEN Star 04 Black Digital Graphics Tablet

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Star 04 Black-MM

XP PEN Star 04 Black Digital Graphics Tablet


The Passive stylus is battery-free and therefore does not require charging. It is designed to have a big impact on the user’s creativity. Not on our environment. The Triangle design makes it comfortable for drawing/writing similar to a real pen. You must activate the one-click toggle function when installing the Driver to enable the Stylus’ Pen/Eraser toggle.

Features a Multi-function rotary switch with a Maximum support of 9 individual combination express keys. The express keys are available for you to customize based on your own preference.

Build-in Toshiba 8GB high speed flash Memory, the quality is reliable. Build-in driver, CD Driver unnecessary, portable and easy to install on any PC or Mac.

The stylus utilizes 2048-level pressure sensitivity, which creates multiple variations in line width and shade of color (heavy/light).

9 x 6” Dimension, Customizable driver makes it possible for both right and left hand usage. Compatible with most computer systems and software, such as Photo-shop, Painter, etc.

XP-Pen Star 04 interactive pen board graphics tablet has battery-free stylus writing pen board, 8GB built-in memory, rotary switch, 9 express keys, 2048-level pen pressure sensitivity, dimension 9″ x 6″ and customizable driver.

XP Pen Star 04 Black Digital Graphics Tablet:

A Customizable Roller Button boasts 8 gigabytes of built-in memory, easy to store and carry.
XP-Pen Star series help you start drawing
not only drawing, but also photography, sketch and design
Star series Graphic Tablet provide Battery-Free stylus
help you focus on your creativity

More Information
  • Product  type : Graphics Tablet
  • Driver : Build-in Driver
  • Memory : Build-in Toshiba 8GB Flash Memory
  • Active area : 230*145mm
  • Product weight : 520g
  • Color Selection : Black,White
  • Resolution : 5080 LPI (Line per inch)
  • Report Rate : 230 RPS (Revolutions Per Second)
  • Accuracy : +0.01 Inch
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