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ZMI ZI5 Ni-MH Rechargeable AA Batteries(4 pcs.)


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ZMI ZI5 Ni-MH Rechargeable AA Batteries(4 pcs.)

No memory effect in the new nickel-metal hydride battery allows you to charge and recharge them at any time.

1 ZI5 = 1500 disposable batteries

ZI5 NiMH battery — it is an environmentally friendly product. It allows you to use one battery instead of 1500 disposable, respectively, it can reduce environment waste pollution rate.

Quality and care

Minimalist body with the highest requirements for manufacturing process of each Mi ZI5 NiMH from a famous Japanese brand foundry.

Nominal capacity is 1800mAh, and you can use the battery as soon as it gets into your hands.

The design of a minimal self-discharge

Even after one year of use

Once you fully charge the battery. Put in a drawer and forget about it. And only a year later choose to use — you do not need to charge it again, as the battery will save more than 80% of energy even after 360 days without charge if the following conditions of storage at room temperature of 20 ℃.

Conventional batteries tend to lose capacity if not been fully discharged, but the revolutionary Mi ZI5 have no memory effect, so keep the rated capacity.

Excellent low temperatures

The recommended temperature of the battery use is not lower than −10 ℃, with it, they will discharge much faster in the cold than at room temperature. But batteries can operate at — 20 ℃ and ensure adequate food.

Charge the battery using smart charging for Ni-MH AA / AAA batteries Xiaomi ZI5.

Independent four-slot design, any combination of charging possible.

XIAOMI Zi5 device can charge the battery all at once, or one by one. Each battery has its own indicator. If the battery is charged, it lights up when charging, flashes when a fault, does not burn. The charger provides 7 degrees of protection.

ZMI ZI5 Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries AA (4 pcs.)ZMI ZI5 Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries AA (4 pcs.)ZMI ZI5 Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries AA (4 pcs.)ZMI ZI5 Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries AA (4 pcs.)ZMI ZI5 Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries AA (4 pcs.)ZMI ZI5 Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries AA (4 pcs.)


Brand: Xiaomi
Type: Rechargeable
Model: ZI5
Plug: USB
Charging Cell Type: Ni-MH
Charging Cell Qty: 4
Input Voltage: DC 5V
Output Voltage: DC 5V / 1A; USB
Circuit Detection: Yes
Protected Circuit: Yes
Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes
Short Circuit Protection: Yes
Over Voltage Protection: Yes
Over Charging Protection: Yes
Over Discharging Protection: Yes
Product weight: 0.058 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 7.70 x 6.30 x 2.45 cm / 3.03 x 2.48 x 0.96 inches
Package Contents: 1 x Xiaomi ZI5 Battery


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